Lisbon, Portugal – December 5-10, 2007

World Leaders Are Looking Away.
We won’t.

Please join us in the main square of the Gare do Oriente as
Darfur/Darfur brings the images of suffering and the culture of Darfur
to Lisbon during the European Union-Africa Summit there.

Heads of state from Europe and Africa at the summit should put Darfur at
the top of the agenda and work together to address the crisis, but
shamefully Darfur will be marginalized in order to save face.

For more information, please email or visit
the PorDarfur website.

Prospective Renderings for the Exhibit by Kevin Martin:lisbon-rendering-package-email_page_1.jpg lisbon-rendering-package-email_page_2.jpg lisbon-rendering-package-email_page_3.jpg lisbon-rendering-package-email_page_4.jpg

Images from show by
Hélène Caux:lisbondd1l-9168.jpg lisbondd10l-8910.jpg lisbondd7l-8900.jpg lisbondd11l-8922.jpg