Valencia, SPAIN – June 17, 2008

Información en Español

Please join us at the Prince Felipe Science Museum in Valencia Spain for the opening of DARFUR/DARFUR on June 17th at 9pm. The Projection will be showing on the facade of the Museum.

DARFUR/DARFUR will be showing nightly from June 17th through the 21st at 10pm/22.00h until 11:30pm/23.30h uninterrupted.

Organized by the UNHCR office in Spain (ACNUR), the Spanish Committee of UNHCR/ACNUR and the Immigration Regional Office and the government of the community of Valencia.

Patroned by Ruralcaja and the Manuel Peláez Castillo Foundation.

Photographic and production assistance for the exposition provided by UNHCR/ACNUR, Helene Caux, representative from UNHCR/ACNUR in Spain, Agni Castro, collaborator for UNHCR/ACNUR in Spain, Genoveva Casanova and the Secretary of Immigration and the government of the community of Rafael Blasco.

The multimedia, photographic exposition “DARFUR/DARFUR” is framed within the activities that UNHCR/ACNUR and the Spanish Committee of UNHCR/ACNUR in the community of Valencia, together with the Immigration and Citizen Regional Office, dedicate to World Refugee Day (June 20) this year. Through the images of the armed conflict in Darfur (Sudan), the thousands of Sudanese people that have been obligated to flee their country, those that find themselves internally displaced, we want to be reminded of those that suffer an identity crisis throughout the entire world.

On June 20th, the community of Valencia will also commemorate similar activities that have been organized by various organizations that work with refugees in this autonomous community in Spain. Thus, the Center of Refugee Collection of Mislata (Valencia), the Red Cross, Spanish Commission of Refugee Assistance, Rescue, and the Spanish Committee of UNHCR/ACNUR will be united in other activities as well, including, the exposition “Shared Testimonies / Testimonios Compartidos” (inaugurated June 16th at 12 PM/12.00h in the North Station of RENFE in Valencia). Also, there will be a concert with singer Mara Aranda (June 16th, Claustro University of Valencia-La Nave, 7:30 PM/19.30h.) as well as a diversity of workshops and a festival celebration in Canaleta de Mislata Park (Parque de la Canaleta de Mislata). (June 20th, starting at 6:30 PM/18.30h.)

We are pleased to announce that with this launch of DARFUR/DARFUR we will also be including the work of award-winning photographer James Nachtwey. Mr. Nachtwey is a founding member of VII Photo along with Ron Haviv, also featured in the exhibit, and has been documenting war and social issues since 1980. We encourage you to read Mr. Nachtewy’s biography as well as those of all our very cherished photographers. It is through there captivating and compelling vision and work that we can give you DARFUR/DARFUR.

Photos of the Exhibit by Hélène Caux:


Photos of the Exhibit by Lorna Arroyo & Miguel Marquez: